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Agendas & Minutes

Kā Rāraki take me Kā Mauhaka

Here you can find all of the agendas and confirmed minutes for meetings of the Full Council, Wānaka Community Board, and all committees and subcommittees. If you're looking for any older records please contact us to request these.

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Inactive Subcommittees

Watch Council Meetings

We livestream all Full Council meetings on our Facebook page. These are then saved as a video file on Facebook for those who would like to view the meeting once it has finished. You can view our video section on Facebook to see these recordings.

Direct links to the recordings of meetings are also added to the agenda section of that meeting soon after the meeting has taken place. 

Speaking During Meetings

The public is welcome to attend all publicly-notified QLDC Council, Community Board, and Committee meetings. All Council meetings follow rules known as Standing Orders which allow for you to speak during a section of the meeting called public forum. Public forum happens at the start of every meeting and is part of the formal agenda.

Anyone who wishes to speak in the public forum is required to register with the governance team at least three hours before the meeting starts. You can do this either by telephoning 03 441 0499 (Queenstown); 03 443 0024 (Wānaka) or by filling out a registration form. You will be asked to provide your full name and the subject of your presentation.

Once the public forum has commenced, the Chair will invite individual speakers to the table and you will be asked to sit where you can easily speak into the microphone. Please note that under the Standing Orders, the Chair has the discretion to decline to hear any speaker, whether they have registered to speak or not.

For further information on public forum, please refer to section 14 of the Queenstown Lakes District Council Standing Orders.

Transparency notice

Queenstown Lakes District Council is committed transparent and accountable decision-making, so where possible meetings are conducted in public which means anyone is able to attend, participate and understand why and how decisions are made by the elected members. In some cases, there may be reasons to exclude the public from meetings or part of a meeting. Excluding the public must align with the reasons (or grounds) as described by sections 6 and 7 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

If you have any concerns or questions about access to meetings and decision-making you can contact:

If you wish to raise a complaint about Council decision-making processes and the public’s access to meetings and matters under consideration, these can be directed to the Office of the Ombudsman which is responsible for looking into complaints relating to LGOIMA.

Find out more about the Ombudsman here: