101 Ballantyne Road Masterplan

A project is underway to develop a Masterplan for 101 Ballantyne Road, Wānaka.

About the project

Our district is experiencing sustained and rapid growth, which puts pressure on access to sport and recreation facilities.   

As the Wānaka area changes, so too do the needs of the community.   The recently rezoned land at 101 Ballantyne Road provides an opportunity to build a multi-use green space in the Wānaka area to support the changing and future needs of the growing community.  

A Masterplan will be developed for the site, setting a clear path for the development of sport, recreation and open space facilities for the next 20 years, to complement existing facilities in the area.

Community input will be vital as the masterplan is developed and we’ll keep you updated on opportunities to take part in this process.  

Council has appointed Boffa Miskell to lead development of the Masterplan.

The Masterplan objectives

  • Gain mana whenau support to ensure the space aligns with cultural values and pincriples.

  • Understand and deliver the sport and recreation needs of the community.

  • Make the community aware of the project and the planned sport and recreation upgrades

  • To clearly communicate how the end result contributes to social, economic, environmental and cultural value of the Wānaka community

  • To contribute to Council's vision beyond 2050

Successful delivery of this project will result in a 101 Ballantyne Road Masterplan that sets out a path to greater community sport and play participation. 

The Masterplan objectives

The Masterplan aims to achieve the following:

  • Create and develop a sports hub that will benefit and enrich the lives of the growing Upper Clutha community and visitors.

  • Improve community outcomes, including health, neighbourhood connectedness and quality of the local environment.

  • Improve/overcome the challenges set by the high demand for sporting facilities in this fast-growing district. Taking into consideration the population growth and demographic trends.

  • Increase the number of people using this hub for sports and recreational activities, providing supporting tourism and recreation opportunities, and associated economic development.

Project update - 9 September 2022

The development of a masterplan for the site is essential to inform future use and a facility that meets the needs of the community. QLDC commissioned the development of a draft masterplan with a 20-year planning horizon, acknowledging the projected growth of the residential population and community changes. Producing the engagement summary has helped to clarify the full scope of what the community hopes this site will deliver alongside understanding the cost challenges involved in developing a fit-for-purpose facility in the currently constrained financial climate.

With the clarity the engagement process has provided, the focus will turn now to reprogramming the timing for the project that accommodates the necessary remediation work and the time and space needed to create a leading sport and community hub. This will couple with the 2024-2034 Ten Year Plan budgeting process and be directed by the elected members as they shape what that long term plan delivers.

QLDC is grateful to all the members of the community who took part in engagement to date, whether that’s through online feedback, meetings or at drop-in sessions. Understanding your aspirations and needs has helped to shape what we've done so far and will continue to inform the project delivery when it moves ahead. That forward programme of work will include further wide consultation with the community and stakeholders.