A boil water is in place for businesses and properties across Queenstown following a number of confirmed local cases of illness caused by the protozoa, cryptosporidium. This affects all properties serviced by the Council’s Queenstown supply including Frankton, Quail Rise and Tucker Beach Rd, Kelvin Heights and Hanley’s Farm. Read more here.

The state of local emergency in Queenstown, originally declared on Friday morning after a severe weather event, has been lifted. However, some restrictions will remain in place to protect public safety as the focus turns to recovery. Full information here.

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We recognise it's really important for people to know what the Council team are up to, and there's always a lot going on. So we welcome enquiries from the media and have a dedicated member of the communications team who will endeavour to coordinate responses as quickly as possible. Whether it's a request for an interview, some information data, images etc and if it's not a QLDC thing we may know who to point you towards.

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If you're a member of the media and have a question, or even just want to be added to the circulation list for our media advisories and notifications of announcements, get in touch today.

Information Requests

Sometimes you may be looking for something more detailed, or even something more extensive, like a lot of historical data, old reports, correspondence, etc. This is actually considered a request for information and we manage these through the Governance team under the Local Government Meetings and Official Information Act 1987 (LGOIMA). These requests take much more time and effort, and will be subject to statutory timeframes so make sure you allow plenty of time if you're planning a big editorial piece. It's also worth noting if it's a request that will take a significant amount of time and resource we may need to charge for that time.

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Branding for partners

From time to time we partner with other organisations or sponsor events, athletes and good causes. So we are happy to make our logo available, along with a guide of how to apply the QLDC logo. If you're looking to use our logo, please get in touch to agree permission to do so.

Also, if you're looking for photos of elected members or staff, QLDC events, venues, or anything we maybe involved with, give us a call or email us using the details above. And if you're having issues or not sure how to apply the logo; if in doubt - give us a shout.