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Our Vision & Mission

Tō Tātou Matawhānui

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has the important job of making decisions alongside and on behalf of the people living in the district.

Vision Beyond 2050 Vision Statements Organisational Mission Organisational Values and Culture

Vision Beyond 2050

In August 2018, Mayor Boult convened a small and diverse group of thinkers to reflect the many voices in the district and key concepts, including tākata whenua, the rich heritage of the area, today's diverse communities, and the business and tourism perspectives. This progressed to a group of approximately 50 people in a bigger workshop environment including perspectives from disabled people, voices from both you and the elderly, iwi, farming, community support and development services, ethnic minorities, and representation from Central Government.

Further community engagement delivered the resulting community vision - titled 'A Unique Place. An Inspiring Future | He Wāhi Tūhāhā. He Āmua Whakaohooho'. In March 2019, the Council unanimously agreed to commit to the vision as a guiding document to inform future decision making and planning. 

To gain a more visual understanding of what 'Vision Beyond 2050' is all about, check out this short video below.


Vision Statements

We aspire to be a community that holds true to the values that collectively define what is unique about Queenstown Lakes District – our home. These vision statements underpin everything we do.

Our Organisational Mission


Our Organisational Values and Culture


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