The hearing phase of the District Plan review is when an independent hearing panel is presented with our council report on the proposed plan, plan change or plan variation. People who have made a submission and have asked to be heard will be invited to speak at the hearing.

Hearing streams and documentation General minutes and memoranda

Stage 3 Hearing of Submissions

Following the Hearing Panel directions outlined in Minute 43, the hearing process for Wayfare Group Ltd submission #31024 is underway. The Submitter's proposed provisions, map and section 32AA can be viewed in the Stream 19 tile below.


Hearing recordings and tabled information from hearings held in 2020 can be viewed in the Stream 16, Stream 17, Stream 18 and Stream 20 tiles below.

Hearing Panel Minutes can be viewed in the 'General Minutes and Memoranda Issued' section at the bottom of the page.

Council is expecting that the Hearing Panel Recommendations will go to full Council on 18 March 2021.

Hearing streams and documentation

Click on one of the tiles below to view details on the hearing streams held since the District Plan review process began. The documentation includes submitter lists, recordings, evidence, Section 42A reports, and Council's Right of Reply.


We have recently added information relating to new streams - 16, 17 and 18. Please click on the relevant tile below to view more detail.

General minutes and memoranda

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