Level 1 water restrictions are in place for Hāwea, Luggate and Arthurs Point. For more information on what this means, please visit our water restrictions webpage.

Private Plan Change 54 – Northlake Hearing

Hearing of submissions to Private Plan Change 54 - Northlake

General Hearing Information

Minutes and Memoranda

S42a Report and Evidence

Application as Notified

  • Documents for volume 2 are available via the webpage for the Private Plan Change 

    • Application Documentation
      • Application form
      • Document 1 - Request for Plan Change
      • Document 2 – The Change Proposed Amendments to the ODP
      • Document 3 – Assessment of Effects on the Environment
      • Document 4 – Section 32 Evaluation
      • Document 5 – Landscape Assessment
      • Document 6 – Transportation Assessment  
      • Document 7 – Infrastructure Report
      • Record of Title
    • Request for Further Information
      • QLDC Further Information Request
        • PC54 RFI Response Dated 25 March 2022
          • Chapter 3 – Strategic Direction
          • Chapter 5 – Tangata Whenua
          • Northlake Structure Plan (Construction)
        • Updated RFI Response, Dated 1 June
          • Carriageway Letter
          • Email from Lauren Semple
          • Northlake Structure Plan (Construction)
          • PPC54 Northlake Kai Tahu Ki Otago Comments
          • Warwick Goldsmith Memo
        • Consultation Summary




Applicant pre-lodged evidence

Submitter pre-lodged evidence and legal submissions

Rebuttal Evidence

Below is evidence in response to pre-lodged evidence from submitters.

Council's legal submissions and summaries

Evidence presented at hearing

Hearing minutes

Hearing recordings

Depending on your sound quality of your device, these recordings may be best heard through headphones.

Council's right of reply