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CBD Rubbish Collection

Businesses can put out their blue bags and pre-paid cardboard recycling in the collection zones at 8am and 2pm, and the items will be picked up half an hour later. The 10 collection areas have been located so that staff from nearby businesses have no more than 50m to walk with their bags and recycling. See the press release below for more information.

A new and improved Waste Minimisation and Management Plan is out now!  Have your say today! 


The Queenstown Lakes District is a beautiful place and we'd like to keep it that way. If you see litter anywhere it shouldn't be please contact us. There are a range of fines for those caught intentionally littering, see below:

Offense Fine
Depositing litter of less than 1 litre $100
Depositing litter of 1 litre to less than 30 litres $200
Depositing litter of 30 litres to 60 litres $300
Depositing litter of more than 60 litres; or Depositing garden waste; or building materials. $400


Waste Composition

An analysis of solid waste going to landfill in the Queenstown Lakes District was undertaken in August 2016.

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