Short Term Accommodation

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Guide to Short Term Accommodation 
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Proposed District Plan Practice Note 1 - Visitor Accommodation [PDF 51KB]

Visitor accommodation (VA) is where you use your property for short-term living accommodation where the guests pay fees to stay there. Depending on your situation you may need to:

  • Register as a Homestay
  • Register as a Holiday Home
  • Apply for Resource Consent

Read the information below and then use our questionnaire to check whether you need to register.

Making your home available to family and/or friends at no charge is NOT visitor accommodation. Renting your property for periods longer than 3 months in a row to the same people is classed as residentially renting your property and is NOT classed as visitor accommodation.

However, if you would like to use your existing property or are thinking of building a new one with the purpose of short-term letting to visitors then the intuitive process above will ask you some simple questions about your property to which you will click the yes or no buttons. Your answers will lead you to the appropriate resource for your situation.

This may be a simple registration process for a homestay or an application for resource consent for a larger VA facility (i.e. Hotel).  This online system will walk you through your answers and give you the information you need to proceed from there.

You can stop the process or back track to change your answers at any time by pushing the back button in your browser.

By answering these questions you are not obliged to undertake visitor accommodation activities, it will merely lead you to the appropriate place for your circumstances and help you to make informed decisions, you can then decide which form of visitor accommodation will work best for you and your family.