Queenstown Lakes District Council monitors and enforces parking throughout the Queenstown and Wanaka town centres, as well as the wider district.

QLDC Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012

Parking Maps

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Queenstown town centre is divided into ten zones, shown in the below map. No return is permitted within the same zone for one hour after your parking period has expired.

Queenstown CBD Parking Zones

Queenstown CBD Parking Zones

Parking rules

Unless signage specifies otherwise, national road rules apply. If in doubt, please check the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004. Road users are reminded of the following parking rules:

  • Public transport bus stops (painted red and signed Permit Holders Only) - no other vehicles are permitted at any time.
  • Bus stops - passenger service vehicles that have more than 9 seats.
  • Loading zones – for vehicles where the user is actively engaged in loading or unloading goods or passengers only. A maximum time restriction of five minutes applies.
  • Taxi stands - for small passenger service vehicles that have a roof sign displaying the word “Taxi” and are available for hire for the carriage of passengers other than on defined routes.
  • Public parking spaces – free, time restricted or charged. These cannot be used for commercial business operations.
  • No parking areas – indicated through signage or road markings.

Parking wardens

QLDC enforce all time restricted parking (e.g. P120) from 8am to 9pm. We also patrol out with these hours for illegal parking (such as on broken yellow lines) in addition to periodic patrols for complaints we receive regarding Council's Traffic and Parking Bylaw (PDF, 1.09MB).

Campervan parking

Large campervans are prohibited from parking the Queenstown CBD and could face an infringement fee of $40-$60 if parked incorrectly.

33 dedicated parks for large campervans are available at the Boundary Street Carpark.

Transfer of liabilities

For the reissue of parking infringements, Statutory Declarations must be witnessed by a

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Solicitor
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the High Court or District Court
  • Commissioned or Non-Commissioned Officer of Police
  • Other persons authorised by the Minister of Justice to take Statutory Declarations

Please be aware a new process implemented on Monday 23 July will mean we can only accept Transfer of Liabilities in which each individual Statutory Declaration is sent separately. Once complete, these forms can be sent to to be processed.